From the West

From the West:

Whether you travel Interstate 80 or Interstate 90, Yellowstone National Park ( and The Grand Teton National Park ( are only a short drive off the beaten path.  Both of these parks are a ‘must see’ and they need to be on your ‘bucket list’.  From these parks, head out the East Entrance of Yellowstone and a seven-hour travel through Cody and Bighorn National Forest brings you to Lead and the Dakota Spur Hotel.  Alternately, you can leave through the North Entrance of Yellowstone and follow Interstate 90 with a stop at Little Bighorn Battlefield, famous for Custer’s Last Stand.  The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument ( is a great place to stop and review our past.  You can drive through the battlefield and this historic landmark is only a few miles off of Interstate 90.

As you travel east, a stop at Devils Tower National Monument ( is a ‘must’ but, since you will want to spend several hours here, you may want to save the Tower for an easy day trip from the Hotel.  This is America’s first Nation Monument and the tower was featured in the Movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’.  The tower has been a Sacred Site for American Indians for hundreds or thousands of years; it is still a spot where they meditate.  Plan a walk around the base – about two hours total.

Devils Tower

Just before you cross from Wyoming into South Dakota, along Interstate 90, a teepee is located just north of the Interstate.  This location is the site of Vore Buffalo Jump.  For over 300 years the local Indians would run herds of buffalo (Bison) over the jump causing the buffalo to die.  They would then easily retrieve the meat, hides, bones, etc.  Within the site are the butchered remnants of as many as 10,000 bison as well as thousands of chipped stone arrow points, knives, and other tools.