From the North

From the North:

Just east of the Montana / North Dakota state line and slightly north of Interstate 94, along the Little Missouri River, is the Theodore Roosevelt National Park; (  This park is home to many wild animals including the Bison, Elk, Pronghorn, Bighorn Sheep, Wild Horses, and Coyote.  From this park, it is a relaxing four-hour drive down Hi-Way 85 to Lead and the Dakota Spur Hotel.  On your trip down, don’t forget to stop in Belle Fourche (‘Bell Foosh’).  This town is at the center of the United States.  From this town, it is equal distance to the northernmost point and the southernmost point of our Country and from the farthest east and farthest west point of our United States.

An easy side trip on this route from the North is a visit to Devils Tower; (  On the south side of Belle Fourche, turn west on Highway 34 and travel through some very pretty rolling plains – or use this as a day-trip while staying at our Hotel.  Try to imagine wild Bison wandering the area by the thousands – of course, that was over 100 years ago and you would not be driving these great roads.  A little over 50 miles will take you to the Tower; the Nation’s first National Monument.  Plan about four hours for this side trip as you will want to take a fantastic hike around the base of the Tower and stop by the Information Shop to learn about the history of this area.

After leaving the Tower, head south to Interstate 90 then east to Spearfish.  Give us a call when leaving the Tower and we will be sure to have your room ready.

Devils Tower